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I Will Betroth You with Justice under the Law
-  וארשתיך לי בצדק ובמשפט


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Speaker’s Bureau:

We are available to speak at meetings and conferences in synagogues and homes.  Educating the community is crucial to solving the agunah problem.


Dr. SUSAN ARANOFF: Susan will provide her bio.



Estelle has been associated with Agunah International and The Rabbi Emanuel Rackman Beit Din L’Inyenei Agunot since 1997, working closely with Susan Aranoff and Honey Rackman z"l, founders of our organization, and the rabbis of our Beit Din.  She has lectured widely about the agunah problem and extant authoritative halachic sources that the Orthodox rabbinate could apply to solve the problem.



Rachell has always been active in Jewish Education, including her own early childhood, high school, and continuing Education through today.  She has served on the Board of Jewish Education, which serves the tri-State Metropolitan area for  the past twelve years, and taught in  the Hebrew Day School system  for seven years in New York City.  Rachell became aware of the plight of Agunot through  her own personal experience in the Beit Din, when her Get was withheld from her for three years.  This experience taught Rachell that we are ALL responsible for one another as Jews, women, and K'lal Yisrael.


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